MuleSoft is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) with the ambitious goal of enabling global enterprises to connect apps, data, and devices. As the market leader in this space, MuleSoft had big plans to accelerate its growth, but it needed help selling its vision to potential investors.

“We needed to create the best pitch deck that our investors had ever seen,” said Matt Langdon, MuleSoft’s CFO. “We were reaching out to esteemed investors—public market investors and private market investors. They’re used to seeing compelling content for IPOs. We are not any smaller and did not want to look any smaller.”

Seeking a creative team that would understand MuleSoft’s business model and deliver a compelling pitch deck for potential investors, Langdon came to Visually.

Crafting a Story on a Deadline

Langdon had a strong sense of the story that MuleSoft wanted to share with investors, and he wanted to retain close control over the creative process to make sure things were just right. He also needed a quick turnaround.

“We were facing a short two-to-three week window to get the presentation done. We were confident that Visually had our backs—and they did. But the story was too important for us to work with a large, scattered team,” says Langdon. “There was too much at stake, so quality control and adherence were aspects of the project that we monitored closely. It was a responsive process that led us towards our most successful end result.”

To keep a tight knit approach, Visually matched Mulesoft with two designers who were ready to dive in and work closely with Langdon to produce a winning deck.